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The Studio.

Slope Indoor Cycling is a team of highly motivated certified spin instructors who all share a love for beat-based music, paired with a passion for choreographing classes that make you feel like you are dancing with your bike! We pay close attention to RPMS and WATTS. Everyone is welcome and by stepping through our doors you are immediately a part of our community. We dim the lights and turn up the music. We’re thrilled that you’re here.

The studio also has a lounge with cold water, snacks, and a place to chill before and after your class!

The Classes.

We have two. Slope Ride and Slope Rebel.

Slope Ride is our signature 45-minute class designed to challenge and motivate riders of all skill levels. There are a variety of slopes and playlists but the intention behind each class does not change. Slope Ride is about endurance, strength, determination, and power. We invite you to lose yourself in the beat and step into your power.

Slope Rebel takes our signature Slope Ride to a different level. Expect lots of transitioning in and out of the saddle, high-intensity intervals, power surges, short-active recoveries, with less focus on stages and more attention to WATTS, speed, and power. You will be pushed to your max. The Music: Deep beats to guide your ride, probably some bad words, and high-energy to keep you motivated. This class is not recommended for first time riders!

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We recommend taking Slope Ride if you are new to Indoor Cycling. Slope Rebel is an advanced class.

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What should I wear?

You should wear whatever YOU are comfortable in. We do recommend that you wear leggings, breathable tops, and good workout shoes or cycling shoes with an SPD clip.

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If you’re a first time rider, please arrive to class 10-15 minutes early to check in with the instructor and get set up on your bike. If you’re a regular, please arrive at least 5 minutes early.

Beginners level class?

When should I arrive?

What should I wear?

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You are welcome to use the bathroom located outside in the back of the building, or the studio has a curtain area for changing.

Where can I change?

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Slope is located downstairs in the Peaked Sports building. Enter the side door facing O'Rourkes, and go down the stairs.

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Your bike will be ready for you with a towel when you arrive at Slope. You should bring water, either cycling shoes with an SPD clip or good workout shoes, and a ready attitude

Where is the studio?

What should I bring?

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contact us.

Questions, concerns, feedback, suggestions? We want to hear from you!


Jennifer: 530-321-3051

Julie: 801-678-2225

Location: 60 E. Little Ave.

Driggs, Idaho 83422

Downstairs from Peaked Sports. Walk through the door facing O’Rourkes. Please do not park in front of the Peaked Sports building. There is a dirt lot between Slope and O'Rourkes and there is public parking behind the Driggs Liquor Store.